• Loaded fried
  • Chicken wings
  • Pretzel served with dip

Mad Pecker

Brewing Co.

About Us

Shunned from the rest of society, the Mad Pecker was cast away to live in solitude. The result of being a craft brewer. People weren't ready to trade in their watered-down, same-tasting, conveyor belt beer that had taken control of the land.

Left ridiculed and without a brewery, the Mad Pecker sought refuge in the once lush hops forest which had been leveled due to the macro-industrial beer maker's lust for control. It was here that the Mad Pecker would change the beer industry by brewing some of the greatest-tasting craft beers ever created, tempting the taste of those willing to try. Mad Pecker Brewing Co. will tell his story, by crafting beers that break out of the norm and mundane to help change what has now become the craft beer revolution.

What do a trail run, woodpecker, and beer have in common? Absolutely nothing. But for owners Jason and Erika Gonzales, those three things helped spark the vision that lives today known as Mad Pecker Brewing Co. We started like most, home brewing out of our garage wondering… what if. Now here we are, free of investors, brewing beer in the same neighborhood we call home and having a ton of fun doing it! Our flavors, tastes, and interests are spread throughout the sights and sounds of the pub. We're down to earth and do everything for the love of craft, not the thirst for recognition. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the most enjoyable experience both inside and outside the glass. With the dedication of our friendly staff and flavorful eats and drinks, we hit the mark.